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Bhilwara district falls in Mewar region of Rajasthan. There are numerous dams and ponds in Bhilwara, making it one of the most irrigated regions of Rajasthan. The region is dominated by Bhil tribe. Udaipur (165 km) is nearest airport to Bhilwara.

In Indian mythology, Bhilwara finds mention in Mahabharata where Arjuna, while going to Dwarika with all Gopis, is said to have fought here during the Mahabharata period. Bhilwara’s cultural history can be traced back to the Nagar Brahmins mentioned in the Skanda Purana.

In ancient times the Bhilwara was part of Guhil and Chouhan rulers of the state. According to the ancient Chronological description, it is believed that Bhilwara town was found at some stage in 11th century, at the same time when a “Bhil” tribe constructed a shrine for Lord Shiva at the region of the “Jataun ka Mandir”.

Battis Khambon ki Chhatri: This place is situated in Mandal far 16 km from Bhilwara city. It has chhatri made of sandstone with 32 pillars.

The Mewar State and Shahpura Riyasat merged in “Syunkt Rajasthan” and district of Bhilwara came in to existence in 1949.

Meja Dam: The Meja dam is one of the biggest dam of the district and famous for green mount park.

Triveni Sangam: This is holy place where many people worship here. It is the Sangam of three rivers Banas, Bedach, Menali. At this place the ship temple is also situated.

Hameergarh Eco-Park: This Eco-park is situated at Hills of Hameergarh is far 18 km from Bhilwara. The park is famous for “Chinkara”. You can see Blue Bulls, Jackles, Foxes, Vultures and many other wild animals. The “Mansha Mahadev” famous Shiv Temple is situated here.

According to the 2011 census, Bhilwara district has population of 24, 10,459 out of which 78.72 percent belong to rural areas & 21.28 percent belong to urban areas. The decadal growth rate of population from 2001-2011 has been 19.60 percent. The district has a population density of 230 inhabitants per square kilometer. Bhilwara has sex ratio of 969 females for every 1000 males, and overall literacy rate of 62.71%.

Historical/Geographical Places of Bhilwara

The district of Bhilwara is situated on an elevated plateau. The eastern part of the district has a cluster of hills. The Aravali ranges at several places intersect the district. The hill ranges in Northeast corner of the district extend upto Jahajpur tehsil. The ranges are also predominant in the Southeast in Mandalgarh tehsil. Occasional Inselbergs, low-lying hillocks and chains of ridges break the monotony of Peneplane tract. The area of the district generally slopes gently except in western & northwestern part where slope is high.

1. Mandalgarh Fort

Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara is believed to have been built by Rana Kumbha and is the 3rd fort of Mewar region, the other two being Chittorgarh and Kumbhalgarh. However, According to Veer Vinod, the fort had been constructed by Mandiya Bhil and Chanana Gurjar. The fort is located on a part of Aravali hill range along confluence of Banas, Berach & Menali.

2. Ramniwas Dham

Bhilwara has the famous Ramdwara of Ramsnehi Sampradaya. The founder Guru of the sampradaya was Swami Ramcharan ji Maharaj, who preached his followers here later, he moved to Shahpura, 50 km from Bhilwara, where the present headquarters of Ram Snehi Sampradaya known as Ram Niwas Dham is located.

3. Mandakini Mandir – Bijoliya- There are three temples and one pond, The “Lakulish” statue at the entrance of main gate of this temple. On the main gate there are two statue of Parvati and Ganesh are situated. The temples are “Hajareshwar Mahadev” and “Undeshwar” also situated here.

4. Swaibhoj Temple: This temple is situated in Asind tehsil and is famous religious place of “Gurjar” community. The place where this place is situated is called “Gosth Dadawat”. A small pond exists with the name of “Rathora Talab” or “Prem Sagar”. The fair is held on “Bhadrapad Chhath” in a year.

5. Dhanop Mataji: This famous temple of “Maa Durga” is Approximately 85 km far away from Bhilwara in Shahpura tehsil.

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