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Baran district was carved out of the erstwhile Kota district of Rajasthan in 1991. The region is basically a tribal area, dominated by Sahariya tribe. It is divided in 7 subdivisions, 8 Tehsils and 7 Panchayat Samitis. Jaipur International Airport is closest airport to Baran. Baran district in rajasthan/geography/history/polity/monuments/famous historical places of Baran, Rajasthan:

Baran extends from 24-25′ to 25-25′ North latitudes, 76-12′ to 77-26′ east longitudes and is located at altitude of 265 meters from sea level. Baran is located on southeast corner of rajasthan and touches Sheopur, Shivpuri and Guna Districts of Madhya Pradesh along east side. Further, Baran is bordered in northwest by Kota and southwest by Jhalawar District of Rajasthan State.

According to the 2011 census, Baran has a population of around 12, 23,921 of which 79.21 percent is rural & 20.79 percent is urban. Baran has a sex ratio of 926 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 67.38%. Further, Baran has a population density of 175 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Baran city was under Solanki Rajputs in the 14th -15th century. The area was named ‘Baran’ owing to the twelve villages under Solanki’s. There are also saying that since the soils of the area are mostly ‘Barani’ so it is called ‘Baran’.

On 31st March 1949, Rajasthan was reconstituted and Baran was converted into Sub Division headquarters of Kota district.

Historical/Geographical Places of Baran

1. Shahbad Fort: Shahabad fort is one of the strongest forts in Hadoti area. It is located at about 80 km. from Baran. The Chauhan Vanshi Dhandhel Rajput Mukutmani Dev constructed Shahbad fort in the 1521 A.D. (Samvat 1577). This is situated in the dense forest area on the high mountain ranges and is surrounded by Kundakoh valley, waterfalls and a lake. The Topkhana (artillery) has Nawalbaan tope (cannon), Barudkhana and some temples in the forts are still secure.

2. Shergarh Fort: Shergarh fort is situated in Atru tehsil, about 65 km. from Baran district headquarters. The fort is located atop a hillock on the bank of Parban River. Shershan named the fort as Koshvardhan. A stone edict of 790 AD proves the antiquity of the place.

3. Nahar Garh Fort: The fort is about 73 km. from Baran in Kishanganj tehsil. Fort is an impressive structure in red stone and a fine example of the Mughal architecture.

4. Dol Mela: Dol mela is organised at the Dol Talab (Pond) in the Baran city from Jaljhulni Akadshi. The main attraction of this festival is a big Shobha Yatra (procession) which have about 54 Dev Viman (The Holy Statue Carriers) which is also known as DOL, of all the major temples of the city. In this procession some Akhadas also demonstrates their Kartab (type of physical exercise). The procession started from Shreeji temple comes to the Dol Talab where all the Dev Vimans are worshiped and then these are sent back to the respective temples.

5. Sita Bari Mela: Sita Bari is located near Kelwara kasba, about 45 km from the Baran city. A tribal fair is organised here on Jyestha Amavsya and is attended by Sahariya tribe in large numbers. Hence, it is also considered as Kumbh in the Sahariya tribe.

6. Sorasan Wildlife Sanctuary:  Sorasan Wildlife Sanctuary is located on a flat stony plateau of uninhabitable scrub land with a number of small water bodies that can sustain variety of birds, animals, and reptiles. The sanctuary has area of 41 sq. km and lies between river Parwan, running on its western limit and villages with fertile, irrigated, and arable land on the east.

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