Bundi: Rajasthan through districts


Bundi is known for its ornate forts, palaces, havelis and step wells or Baoris. It lies in Hadoti region of Rajasthan. It is surrounded by Aravali Hills on three sides. It is situated in south east Rajasthan. Bundi is rightly termed as Queen of Hadoti. It has around 890 villages and is divided into five tehsils, six towns and four panchayat Samitis.

Bundi is located in a narrow gorge surrounded on three sides by hills of the Aravalli Range and is located at 25.44°N 75.64°E and an average elevation of 268 meters. The district of Bundi is bordered by Tonk in north direction, Sawai-Madhopur in north-east, Kota in east, Chittorgarh in south, and Bhilwara in west.

Physiographically Bundi district is irregular rhombus shaped, traversed throughout its whole length from south-west to north-east by a double line of hills constituting the central Bundi range, which divides it in about two equal portions. For many miles the precipitous scarp on southern face of this range forms an almost impassable barrier between the plain Countries on either side. The main rivers crossing the district are Chambal and Mez.

In the 2011 Indian census, Bundi had a population of 5, 34,340. Bundi has sex-ratio of 922 females per 1000 males. The population density in Bundi is 193 persons per square km.

Historical/Geographical Places of Bundi

1. Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary

Ramgarh Vishdhari sanctuary has an area of 307 Square kms and is situated within hills of Bundi range. Established in 1982, it forms a buffer for Ranthambore National Park. The variety of fauna found in sanctuary include Panther, hyena, Sloth Bear, jackal, Fox, Chital.

2. Nawal Sagar Lake

Nawal Sagar Lake is an artificial lake that is a major tourist attraction and can even be seen from the Taragarh Fort. There is a half-submerged temple dedicated to Lord Varun Dev in its centre. What makes the lake unique is that one can see the reflection of nearby palaces and forts in its waters.

3. Jait Sagar Lake, Bundi

It is Located close to the Taragarh Fort, this picturesque lake is surrounded by hills and covered with pretty lotus flowers that bloom during winter and monsoon.

4. Kesavraipatan

 Kesavraipatan is a town located in Bundi districts on banks of Chambal River. Here, a fair is organized in November month on Kartik Purnima, where more than 1 lakh devotees assemble and take bath in Chambal River. Dargah of Makkeshah is also a revered place located in same area.

5. The Gangaur Festival

Gangaur festival is one of the major festivals in Bundi and is celebrated with great devotion by women who are the devotees of goddess Gauri. It marks the celebration of harvest, spring and marital fidelity. Women celebrate this festival for long and prosperous lives of their husbands.

6. Kajali Teej Mela

The Teej Festival is celebrated throughout the rainy season in Rajasthan, with each region having its own take on celebrations. It is celebrated in Bundi on the third day of Bhadra Pad whereas it is takes place on the third day of Shravana at other places in the state. The fest is particularly vibrant with the traditional procession of the goddess in a decorated palanquin which passes through the main bazaar and the streets.

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